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Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, packing boxes, offset printing must plaster box, carton boxes, stands & FLIPCARD, cardboard bags, paper bags, and we have been manufacturing and sales of all kinds of printing jobs. Our goal is to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction.

Sumerian printing as our valuable customers cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, needs and time needed to deliver quality is our principle.

We been taking down the costs by producing our own constitution box. Box companies have earned our reputation of quality.


One of the most important requirements for product sales product is a box to show the elegant and valuable. Box to make the production is very serious business. Advisedly box size, design for print, how to open the door, box prices, you need to think about such details. Box Our company is manufacturing giant offers its customers the ideas in mind for you all the details.

Our company is experienced in project work or tender box serves as a contract manufacturing in large quantities. You can reach our hotline number 0212 544 66 99 for your questions and orders us all.


Corporate customers kinds of cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, corrugated packaging, cardboard boxes, paper packaging can be ordered online by filling out the order form needs.

Serving our customers over the internet are taken from outside the box in order to Istanbul with design approval, produced by cargo boxes are delivered to our customers on time.

To strengthen our position in the summit as the best box manufacturer supplying institutionalization of great importance. The job tracking and quality control processes may be continuous dialogue with your customer service representative, you can follow the process.




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